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The following pages contain tools and parts used in the restoration of antique cylinder and disc musical boxes.  If there is something you need that is not listed, please let me know and I'll let you know if I have it, or can point you to it.

Because of design restrictions and/or limitations, items can not be displayed at their actual size.  I have shown measurements when necessary.

There are separate pages for items pertaining only to Cylinder Boxes and to Disc Boxes.  If you don't find what you want in the on the first two pages, please check on the Cylinder Parts and Disc Box Parts pages.

You may print out any page of this catalog by right-clicking on the page and selecting "print" from your menu.

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PIN STRAIGHTENER - for straightening cylinder pins

My pin straightener works where no other can!  Comes with 2 different diameters of hollow stainless steel tubing.  Choose the correct size for the pins you are straightening and tighten it into the pin vise, place the wire over the pin and move in any direction.  Works especially well in tight clusters of pins.  A generous 3" of each size wire is included.  Pins that get stuck in the wire can be easily removed with a piece of thin wire.  You'll love it!

#T40 - $14.50 each



Approx. 1" circles of soft pithwood, used for decades by watch makers.  Excellent for marking tooth tip spacing, cleaning pinions and worm lands, holding small parts, etc.  Use over and over!

#TPWD - $1.25/2 pcs.



A must for picking up those tiny screws and for positioning treble dampers!  Sharply pointed, size "AA"  (If you pass them over a magnet, they will become magnetized and hold small steel pieces much better!)

#T43 - $4.00 each



This handy tool is for shaping steel, for grinding off small amounts of steel under teeth for tuning. Mounted on a 1/8" shaft to fit in Foredom and Dremel machines, the head is approx. 3/8" high x 7/32" wide.

#T37 - $2.25 each



        For tooth replacement (for grinding slots in the comb base)

  • #SD3032  -  3" diam.  x  1/16"  thickness x 3/8" hole  -  $3.00 ea.
  • #SD1032 - 1 1/2" diam. x .032" thickness x 1/16" hole - $0.95 ea.
  • #SD1049 - 1 1/2" diam. x .049" thickness x 1/16" hole - $0.95 ea.
  • #SD1062 - 1 1/4" diam. x .062" thickness x 1/16" hole - $0.95 ea.
  • #SD1089 - 1 1/4" diam. x .089" thickness x 1/16" hole - $0.95 ea.

Use with our Tooth Steel


SLITTING DISCS- General Purpose

  • #SD1009 - 7/8" diam. x .009" thickness x 1/16" hole - $0.95 ea.
  • #SD1015 - 7/8" diam. x .015" thickness x 1/16" hole - $0.95 ea.
  • #SD1025 - 7/8" diam. x .025" thickness x 1/16" hole - $0.95 ea.


SLITTING DISCS - For Tooth Tip Replacement

  • #SD2010 - 2" diam. x .010" thickness x 3/8" hole - $5.95 ea. 
  • #SD2012 - 2" diam. x .012 thickness x 3/8" hole -  $5.95  ea.
  • #SD2014 - 2" diam. x .014" thickness x 3/8" hole - $5.95 ea.



For 1/16" hole slitting discs & grinding wheels.

Large flare and screw-head for more support of the disc.  Will fit in Foredom and Dremel tools.

#T29 - $2.25 each



For polishing parts - use with Rouge products.

Made to be mounted on our Mandrels...used in Foredom and Dremel type tools.

  • #TBW2   -            1" diam. x 1/16" hole   -   medium felt   -   $0.70 ea.
  • #TBW9 - 1" diam. x 1/16" hole - rock hard felt - knife edge - $1.65 ea.



Use dry after scrubbing the cylinder with polish.  Allow the polish to dry, then hold cylinder against the tip of the wheel.   It will polish to a high shine without damaging the cylinder pins.

6" diam. Tampico (natural bristle) wheel, 1/2" thickness x 1/2" hole.  I use at least two sandwiched together for quicker cleaning!  Can be washed clean.

  • #TTAM - $44.50each  NEW LOWER PRICE!  $34.50 each



Set of 5 jeweler's screwdrivers for those tiny screws on the click springs, set screws, etc.  Housed in a plastic case so you can't lose them!

#TSCR - $3.95/set



For removal of small amounts of steel....finer than filing...will leave no burrs or scratch marks.  All are 5/32" x 5/32" x 4" long.

Use for shaping new tooth tips and/or honing (reshaping) old tooth tips.  Use on the underside of tooth tips to smooth groves worn by damper wire.

  • #THS2 - Medium (220 grit) - $4.95 each
  • #THS4  -  Fine  (400 grit)   -   $4.95 each



For Teeth and Tooth Tip Replacement and all your low-melting point soldering needs.

The "Hardest Soft Solder on Earth!"  TIX, an indium-based solder was developed for the jewelry trade.  TIX soldermelts at 275 degrees, or 150 degrees lower than lead-tin based solders.  It has a bonding strength of 4,000 pounds!  Comes in a tube of 20 pieces, 3 1/4" long and .030mm diameter.

The low melting temperature, combined with the high strength, makes it ideal for soldering replacement teeth and tooth tips, without damaging the comb leads!

Tix Flux is water based and easily cleaned off work surfaces (use baking soda and water to neutralize). Comes with applicator brush on the bottle top.

  • #T60   -   Tix Solder   -   Tube    $14.95 
  • #T61 - Tix Flux - 1/2 oz. Bottle  $3.95



An excellent way to remove unwanted solder!  Pure braided copper strip attracts solder better than any other material!  Snip off used portion as you go.5 foot roll in handy dispenser.

#SR1 - $3.95



Polished brass parts need protection from acids in your hands and oxidizers in the air.  Spraying parts with lacquer after polishing parts will not only protect the finish you just spent hours achieving, but it will also allow you to handle the newly polished brass safely, without the acid in your fingers etching your fingerprints into it.

If you want to retain the newly polished, high shine of your brass lacquer it!This lacquer was made specifically to spray on metal!  Lacquer made for wood will not adhere to metal.

#LAC1 - Clear Lacquer Spray - $11.95/can

(Note: Aerosol cans cannot be shipped overseas or by US priority mail)



Ordinary 'sandpaper' is not suitable to be used on metals.  The recommended papers to use are "Wet or Dry" sanding papers.  They can be used dry but, to avoid scratching, it is advised to use them 'wet'.  Use a light oil, alcohol or clock cleaning 'wet' the paper.   The higher the grit number, the finer the cut. 

GRITS 320:  Used for fairly fast cutting on steel and brass to remove filing marks.  220 can be used on rusty areas on steel, but will leave scratch marks; 320 is the coarsest you would ever want to use on a comb.

GRITS 400/600:  Progressively finer grits to be used before turning to the buffing wheel!  Best for cleaning tarnish/light rust off combs....start with 400 grit if there is no heavy oxidation, then finish off with 600 or finer.  Always use WET!

GRITS 1200/1500:   These are very fine polishing papers most often used in worm polishing and also in final finishing of cases.  Use WET!

Having a few pieces of each paper on hand is a good'll find more uses for them than just with Music Boxes!  Each sheet is approx.  5" x 8 1/2".

  • #TWD32 -  320 grit - $1.90/sheet
  • #TWD40 -  400 grit - $1.90/sheet
  • #TWD60 -  600 grit - $1.90/sheet
  • #TWD10 - 1000 grit - $1.90/sheet
  • #TWD12 - 1200 grit - $1.90/sheet
  • #TWD15 - 1500 grit - $1.90/sheet


Your limits are defined by the agreement you have made with yourself about what is possible.  Change that agreement and you can dissolve all limits!

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